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Judi Chamberlin: Her Life Our Movement

“People labeled with mental disabilities are largely invisible to the wider world. To the extent that they think of us at all, they usually think of us as a problem that somebody has to do something about and not as human beings, individuals, each one of us — deserving of human dignity.”  — Judi Chamberlin

This is a great video created by activist, artist and psychiatric survivor, Leah Harris. I met Leah in Brooklyn at a demonstration and vigil in honor of Esmin Green and in protest of her passing for lack of care in a hospital. Leah immediately impressed me with her outspoken determination and when she’s performing a spoken word piece, she has a gift for getting to the core of what she’s communicating. What I might say in a lengthy rambling post or conversation, she cuts to in a phrase.

Leah’s been bringing that sharpness, conciseness and strength to video editing as well lately. In this short video, she shows viewers what the mental health rights movement is to many of us and what the late Judi Chamberlin is to that movement. You’ll notice I didn’t say was. Anyone who has fought as hard for and had such an impact on such a movement that survives them will always be tied to it. Benjamin Franklin once said something to the effect of, “If you are to be remembered long after you die, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ” Judi did both. Some day, when we look back on this movement in the same peculiar light of hindsight as we view the fight for black civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights, Judi will stand out as one of its first and strongest figures. In addition to what she did directly and for its own sake, she inspired many — often at times and in places where inspiration was notably absent. I wish I would have been in a position to meet and work alongside her toward our shared purpose. Instead I am blessed to be in the good company of people she affected directly.

Madness Radio: Survivor Spoken Word Leah Harris

Madness Radio: Judi Chamberlin Psychiatric Survivor Movement

March 26, 2010 at 9:45 am

A gift for you!

I didn’t make it, I didn’t pay anything for it and it’s not particularly happy all the way through but it is as real, endearing and oddly warming as clay can be and worth your twenty-two minutes. I’ve watched it plenty and was just given a copy on dvd after watching it online all this time. I thought it worth sharing. Thanks, Ruth!

December 24, 2009 at 11:44 am

The Thud Experiment

This is, in my mind, a must-see video. I haven’t taken the time to sift through much of the comments or editorializing but the video itself is well worth watching. The thud experiment is not the only such attempt at seeing the system from the inside and through a critical eye. Perhaps the only way to truly do this is to be perceived as ill and regarded as a patient. As R. D. Laing has said, “If you’re interviewing a patient in a mental hospital ward and you have a key in your pocket to get out and the patient hasn’t, the gulf in power in possession is enormous.” Watch the whole thing, some parts will certainly stand out among others. I find 2:46 – 3:12 to be particularly telling

I’ve been unable to get into lengthy posts lately, so the ten or so of you who regularly follow this weblog haven’t had much to see. Anyone new to this place should take some time to look through some of the older posts. There really is some interesting stuff that isn’t too well covered in other venues.

I hope to present some posts soon that are a little more directly from myself and less a commentary on things happening out in the world — specifically, my thoughts of and personal experiences with physical restraint in the school system and the concept of maladjustment.

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