It’s Been Quiet Around Here

December 6, 2010 at 10:51 am

But I intend to be back at it. My life has been interrupted in a number of ways and my energy has had to be focused elsewhere. That’s ok, that’s life for most of us but I’ve found myself in a position to use some of my time differently. It may be a little sporadic at first while I feel things out but if there’s still anyone paying attention to this thing, you can expect new posts to become a regular occurrence.

I don’t mistake activism and blogging for being one and the same or even necessarily related though I have found that my posting here and my activism in the real world have dropped off simultaneously. I don’t think anyone being swindled by pharmaceutical companies, abused and neglected by the system or ostracized by their neighbors is waiting for my next post any more than abused children are waiting for a million people to post cartoons on their facebook profiles. There is a real world change to be brought about. That said, I see power in getting a message out and its ability to ignite people, myself included, to be a part of that change. Besides — if you look around long enough, you’ll see that some things just can’t go unsaid.


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