June 3, 2010 at 11:50 am

My previous post, iTherapy was up on Freshly Pressed for a little over a day and in two days my traffic jumped to a few hundred times its typical amount. This isn’t some attempt to act like I’m thanking people at some awards ceremony or anything — just a public thank you to a few people in a window of increased pageviews.

Thanks to WordPress for putting it up there and to all of you for looking and commenting. This little blog is actually pretty important to me and it was great to have so many people take an interest — even just a quick read over their coffee or whatever. I think a good dialogue started up and a lot of good points were raised. I can’t wait to see some of your blogs as well. Thanks also to everyone who usually chimes in here — from fellow activists, survivors and artists, to people living out the topics and even devil’s advocates. Knowing someone is reading this thing and sometimes even affected by it keeps me posting.

I should have said this while I still had people’s attention from Freshly Pressed but please check out the links on the right side of my page. While there are only a few, there is a wealth of information, perspective and interest to be discovered. One of the few blogs that I check regularly, for example, is Beyond Meds. Blogger Gianna Kali, on top of sifting through and consolidating some important but overlooked stories, blog posts and bits of information, provides a wealth of information on recovery and has been great about sharing my posts with readers of her already well established blog. For that, I am grateful. They’re all good though, so take a look.

Thanks to jbenick for passing on the NPR link. Be sure to check out her blog, Positive Charge. While it’s just getting started, it promises to be a positive outpost in what can be a negative world. Check back as it grows.

While I won’t flatter myself with the notion that anyone’s sitting at home antsy — just dying to see if I’ve posted anything new, I will be trying to offer something new to this thing they’re calling the blogosphere and hopefully giving you a reason to come back around. I’d love it if you took some time to look through the archives too. I’ve been doing this for a little over a year and there’s some pretty important stuff that you might not have read in some of the more popular outlets.


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