Beyond Meds and Beyond the Dosies

May 12, 2010 at 12:15 pm 1 comment

Gianna Kali’s always informative and often pharma-critical blog, Beyond Meds was up for a Dosie — a new award “created to find the best examples of social media in pharma and healthcare.” Out of the 550 nominees, not surprisingly, blogs critical of the pharmaceutical industry and the accepted current standard of health care did not figure largely in the competition. Gianna cut through the pack though and made it to the finals — a feat unto itself. While she didn’t win, it has to be said — even if it sounds like a variation an all too familiar cliche — that when you are ever more informed and informing, nobody loses. So, congratulations to Gianna for a successful blog, for sticking to your guns and for toughing out a very difficult and ongoing recovery.

In an entry on her blog, written to be posted in the event that she won (but worth posting anyway so I’m glad she did), Gianna loses none of the bite that makes Beyond Meds worth checking out and, like any gracious recipient would do, she offered a thank you to the those that helped her get to where she is today (emphasis mine).

I’d like to personally name the two drug companies that are most guilty of my own physical demise, though all the psychotropic drugs are potentially nasty and debilitating on them and in some cases especially in withdrawal.

Lamictal and Klonopin as far as I can tell worked together synergistically to make me as sick as I am right now. So that’s GlaxoSmithKline and Roche who are most responsible for my iatrogenisis.

Lamictal acts on glutamate and Klonopin (as all benzos) acts on GABA. Both these drugs have widely unrecognized withdrawal syndromes. For information on benzo issues see here. For Lamictal problems here.

The GABA/glutamate system doesn’t just regulate mood.  It regulates muscle movements, digestion,  and sex — anything that involves anything communicating with anything anywhere in your body. When the drugs are removed after many years all hell breaks loose and is experienced by the whole body and mind. Thanks GSK and Roche for the loss of several years of my life.

Never missing an opportunity to raise the important questions, Gianna sums up what many outside of the accepted mental health paradigm are asking every day in one way or another — questions that are certainly fundamental to Spit, Bristle and Fury. It would have been awesome to see these things brought up in the faces of the pharma marketing circle directly but what she does is vital to a movement to question the paradigm and she’s not just preaching to the choir. Ask the questions, seek the answers and engage in the discussion

And what is mental illness, anyway? Does anyone deserve to be the arbiter of normalcy? Why does Western psychiatry get to limit the parameters of human experience, oftentimes through coercion, based on an incomplete and flawed science of the mind and brain? And, more tellingly, are our tactics for dealing with troubled human beings more or less compassionate using chemical restraint? Or, have we as a nation abandoned the obvious violence of the lobotomy for the secretive and bloodless path of the neurotoxic pill? What are the consequences for humanity as this paradigm of care is exported to the rest of the world?


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  • 1. Moss Bliss  |  May 12, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Nice blog. Gianna is my friend, online and IRL. I’m not as completely committed to this cause as she is, but am proud to have been one of her helpers. (My lack of commitment is due to the fact that I have so many things going on, not that I wouldn’t love to clone myself to work on this one issue.)


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