Back to Your Irregularly Scheduled Program

February 8, 2010 at 10:20 am

With the art show and a last minute commissioned piece behind me, I will be able to resume more regular posting. As always, there is plenty to say but for now I’ll just say thanks. I had a great turnout at my show, got some good feedback and people were genuinely interested in a movement toward rights, transparency and truth in the mental health system. To anyone who bought or will buy any of my pieces, a sincere and special thank you. You’re buyers in a town of lookers and will be taking a piece of me home. I’m honored (and sometimes baffled) that you’d want to.

In addition, I will be taking up oil painting, which I haven’t attempted since my youth. There are matters of subject and mood that I don’t think I can touch with watercolor. Oils were made for the heaviness and depth that I’d like to convey in future works. This isn’t an end to watercolors for me, just a shift away for now. Having just shown eleven piece in watercolor, many of them recently completed, I’m ready to put that setup in a drawer for a while and explore other media and I’ve had a crush on oils for a long time.

While I’m happy with the outcome of my focused energies, I had no idea how little I’d be able to work on this weblog which is tough for me because, as all who know me personally know, I am almost constantly bursting at the seams with thoughts and opinions on the state of things befitting Spit, Bristle and Fury and there is no shortage of critical information that is seldom put out by other means than small (even miniscule) outlets like this. Thanks for visiting here and I hope it proves to be something of value.


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